Help us to build Christian TV in Papua New Guinea. With your donation, you will empower us to build the studios in Port Moresby and Garoka, advertise PoroMan TV, acquire needed equipment to produce the best Christian programs, directly from PNG.

Thank you for your support! God Bless You!

We have launched the PoroMan TV & Radio Network in Papua New Guinea on September 29, 2018. This is the first Christian TV network in Papua New Guinea, for Papua New Guinea. It launched with a ceremony in the capital city of Port Morseby, PNG.

We are building a TV studio in Port Morseby, then a second studio in Garoka. We have created 8 live broadcast locations across the country.

PoroMan TV and Radio are broadcasting now, with new content being added frequently.

Can you help us with this effort? Broadcasting will be in the predominate language of PNG, “Tok Pisin” and English. There are 800 languages in PNG, so our goal is to add more content in the major languages, as the Lord provides. We are also translating content, and producing new content as well.

Please pray, and give for the people of Papua New Guinea, and PoroMan TV & Radio.


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