Kwesten Ansaim – FAQ


Kwesten  man I save askim planti taim.


K: Hau bai mi ken usim liklik data tasol taim mi lukim vidio?
A: Mipela setim vidio pleia long usim liklik data stret long websait blong Poroman TV. Tasol you ken senisim taim yu klikim HD baten I stap aninit long vidio skrin. Pleia bai tingim dispela nupela senis taim yu lukim ol narapela program. Yu tu ken kalapim ol program yu nogat interes long lukim. O sapos data bilong yu I sot stret, yu ken harim Redio tasol. Redio usim liklik data tasol na ino bikpela olsem blong vidio.


K: Hau yu ken kalapim wanpela program?
A: Klikim piksa bilong plei I stap antap long skrin long rait han sait blong yu. Dispela bai soim wanem progrem bai pilai long list istap long skedul.


Q: Hau bai mi ken seivim dispel pleia olsem wanpela kain  sotkat o app long fon blong mi?
Sapos yu gat android smatfon yu mas go kamap long fran peij blong websait. Insait long websait skrin lukluk igo antap, bai yu lukim tripela dot dot. Klikim dispel dotdot em wanpela menu. Bihain klikim ‘Add to Home Screen’. Sapos yu gat iPhone o yu gat iPad klikim ‘Sharing’ icon (liklik piksa). Bihain selektim ‘Add to Home Screen’.


K: Inap mi ken daunlodim music o video long mi ken pilai bihain taim?

A: Nogat. Sori. Mipela ino inap long givim natim ol progrem blong ministri long daunlod. Plis baim musik or vidio long ministri husat I kamapim dispela progrem na sapotim wok ol mekim blong God. Mipela bihain taim inap long mekim wanpela app progrem we em bai larim yu lukim ol program bihain taim. Tingting tasol long kamapim dispela app progrem istap nau.


Q: Hau bai mi ken kisim ministri blong mi igo insait long Poroman TV?
Plis usim dispel link na sampela lain bai bekim askim blong yu.

Q: MI ken lukim Poroman TV long nomol TV igat antenna?
Nogat, yu no inap long lukim Poroman TV long nomol TV blong yu tasol yu ken lukim long SmartTV (em ol kain TV igat koneksen wantaim intanet). Yu ken lukim tu long mobail fon, tablet fon, laptop na kompiuta. Yu nidim tasol intanet data o intanet waifai (WiFi).


Q: Mi ken lukim Poroman TV long ol PNG keibol netwek o nogat?
Nogat sori yu no inap. Mipela nogat plen o tingting long putim Poroman TV progrem long keibol TV.


K: Yupela igat TV tawa o nogat?
Mipela nogat. Mipela usim intanet TV, em wankain teknoloji I wok long planti hap long graun nau we husat igat TV tawa bipo I wok long rausim ol tawa long wanem ol laik usim intanet TV long strong na pawa blong em.


K: Yupela igat TV Studio o nogat?
Mipela I wok long kirapim nambawan TV Studio nau yet long Port Moresby. Bihain bai mipela kirapim nambatu TV Studio long Goroka, EHP, PNG.


K: Husat I papa na lida blong Poroman TV na Redio?
EBM International I kamapim Poroman TV. EBM International I bin stap long PNG inap long 70-pela krismas we miseneri GT Bustin ibin krugutim lek pastaim long insait hap blong hailens long 1948. EBM I bin kirapim ol misen stesin, skul, Wantok Radio Light, PNG Bible Church sios, baibol skul na planti moa wok. Poroman TV em wanpela moa na nupela blesin EBM International I givim long ol pipol blong PNG. Gearld Bustin stop presiden, EBM International na PoroMan TV.


K: Yupela ken mekim laiv brodkas long PNG o nogat?
A: Yes, mipela mekim laiv brodkas na pleim ol progrem mipela rekodim pinis insait long PNG na long ol narapela hap long wel. Yu ken lukim laiv brodkas long Facebook, Sapos yu stap pinis insait long Facebook taipim PoromanTV insait long ‘Search’ boks na presim enter baten. Bihain klikim piksa o link bilong Poroman TV.

English Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ:

Q: How can I use a small amount of data while watching?
A: The player is set to use the smallest size of data on the Poroman TV website. But you can check it by clicking the HD button on the bottom of the screen. It will remember the change as you watch other programs. Also you can skip programs you are not interested in. Or if you are really low, listen to the Radio instead. It uses much less data than video.


Q: How to skip a program?
A: Click the play icon in the top right of the screen, this will show you the next programs that will be playing on the schedule.


Q: How can I save this like an app, on my phone?
A: On a android smartphone go to the front page of, on the top of your android browser, click the 3 dots menu, then click Add to Home Screen
On a iPhone or iPad, Click the Sharing Icon. Then choose Add to Home Screen.


Q: Can I download the music or videos to play later?
A: No sorry. We cannot give away the ministries content for download. Please buy the music from the ministries, to support what they are doing for God. We may release an app that will let you save to watch later, but that is in planning only right now.


Q: How can I get our ministries on PoroMan TV?
A: Please use this link, and someone will contact you.


Q: Can I watch on my antenna TV?
A: No, but you can watch on a SmartTV (connected to the internet). On your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. All you need is data, or an internet WiFi connection.


Q: Can I watch on PNG cable networks?
A: No sorry. There are no plans to get on the cable in PNG.


Q: Do you have TV towers?
A: No, we are internet TV, the same technology that is replacing TV tower technology around the world right now.


Q: Do you have a TV studio?
A: It is being setup right now in Port Moresby, and the second studio will be in Garoka, PNG.


Q: Who is the leader of PoroMan TV & Radio?
A: PoroMan TV was founded by EBM International, which has been in PNG for over 70 years. EBM was started by GT Bustin, a pioneer missionary to the highlands of PNG. EBM founded mission stations, schools, Wontak Radio, PNG Bible Churches, Bible schools and much more. PoroMan TV is the latest in the long line of benefits provided by EBM International to the people of Papua New Guinea. Gearld Bustin is the president of EBM International and PoroMan TV.


Q: Do you broadcast live from PNG?
A: Yes, we broadcast Live and prerecorded programs from PNG, and around the world. Click here to see our Live Players. You can also see our live broadcasts on Facebook,